About Opportunity Village Nepal

The mission of Opportunity Village Nepal (OVN) is to be in solidarity with the poor, especially women and children living at the margins and experiencing isolation and discrimination. OVN was established in 1998 and since then, the organization's main focus has been to provide opportunities in the areas of health, education and vocational training for the underprivileged and the focus of the programs continue to be on prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of children, youth and women who are particularly at risk of being trafficked or abused children who live on the street, are forced to work, are sexually exploited or are victims of child trafficking. The organization works for and with such population including those suffering from poverty and violence and empowers them to lead their life independently and with dignity.

Our Vision

Marginalized and vulnerable women, youth and children fully enjoy their basic human rights and live in dignity and reconciliation.

Our Mission

To restore human worth and dignity by responding to the needs of the most marginalized and vulnerable women, youth and children through empowering them to participate in the process of social change.

Our Values

OVN sees itself as a part of transformational development process for change and growth; the values that underpin the OVN program has its roots in transformative development, which seeks to restore and enable wholeness of life with dignity, justice, peace, and hope for all girls, boys, women, men, households and their communities.

The OVN champions follows the following values:


We work in partnership with the victims of violence and abuse, their families and communities they live in, local partners, government, donors and the international community in order to bring lasting change for social transformation.

Transparency and accountability:

We strive to be transparent and accountable for what we do by ensuring high standards of professionalism and competencies in dealing with resources.

Respect and trust:

We uphold and capitalize the enrichment of viewpoints that reside in the communities and value all contributions.


We seek justice for the most vulnerable by challenging the structures that keep them oppressed and empower the communities to claim their rights.

Our Goals

Empowering women and children who have been victims of violence, exploitation and trafficking including those at high risk for mainstreaming them into the society.

Our Objectives

  • Working towards establishing a community that is free from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration children and women who are victims of abuse and sexual exploitation and are in conflict with the law.
  • Improving health of rural women and children and promote their access to quality health services.
  • Running residential short and long term protection and rehabilitation home for women and children.
  • Carry out policy advocacy and community awareness campaigns.
  • Networking and coordination with the government, local, national and international organizations and coalitions.
  • Beginning


    Although the organization OVN was founded in 1998, much of its work was focused primarily in Kaski district of Nepal and have begun to expand their services with greater geographical coverage from 2010.

  • Our Work Summary

    In the past six years, OVN has worked extensively in the areas of human trafficking, health and education, empowerment of women and children and those victims of violence and abuse, protection of vulnerable women, children and youth and in providing alternative livelihood opportunities.

  • Main Achivements and Results

    The main achievements of the organization in the past six years can be summarized as follows:
    • Since 2010, 70 girl children rescued from abusive situations and mainstreamed.
    • Each year, 75 women prisoners supported with counseling and skill training for reintegration.
    • Annually, 15,000 patients living in the remote villages provided with medical care and referral services.
    • Annually, 35 young women provided skill training for economic independence.
    • Every year, 200 young parents provided life-orientation on health care and prevention of human trafficking and other forms of abuses.
    • 10,500 earthquake victims in Gorkha region were provided with healthcare, multi-purpose tents for class rooms and health centres, 2000 households blankets and tharpoline and support to build Temporary Learning Centres.
    • Completion of the construction of two health posts in the two rural muncipalities called Taklung and Tanglichowk. Now these VDCs are fall under Sahid Lakhan rural muncipality and Gandaki rural muncipality of Gorkha district that were destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.
  • Other Activities

    • The organization places high emphasis in developing and exapanding networking with various government and non-government organizations, coalitions as well as donors and partners and engage them to support its work in Nepal.
    • Another important area of focus has also been in capacity building and training provisions for the staff members not only on improving efficiency in terms of fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities but also on managing projects, planning, monitoring and evaluation. The organization operates under the NGO Board with having its main Executive Body and the General Assembly and the organization is registered with the government District Administration Office (DAO) in Kathmandu.
  • The Key thematic priorities of the organization

    • Human Trafficking & Migration:

      Under this theme, exploitation and abuse, awareness campaigns, education, protection, prevention and participation, rescue and repatriation, residential care, rehabilitation and reintegration covered as cross-cutting issues.

    • Economic Justice:

      Under this theme, income generation/ livelihood, entrepreneurship/ vocational training, awareness raising and training, food security and capacity building included as cross-cutting issues.

    • Rural Women and Health:

      Under this theme, awareness raising, mobile health camps/clinics, promotion of alternative medicine, capacity building/training integrated as cross-cutting issues.

    • Ecology:

      Under this theme, the following is included: awareness campaigns on health hazards, afforestation, and preservation of water, organic farming and climate change.

    • Research and Advocacy:

      All of the above themes will be covered including human rights, partnership and networking, laws and policies, violence and abuse, street children and child labour at different levels of the community.

    These will form the programmatic priorities for the life of the strategy plan that has been developed for 2017 - 2021. The planning process further recommended that the OVN creates a specific output for more structured communication and co-ordination, to reflect the priority of building a more effective, efficient and collaborative organization whose individual parts are all striving towards the strategy mission; and give more attention to advocacy, including generation of data and building of effective partnerships and networks to advance laws and policies that promote human rights and advance social protection of women and children.

Contact Us

  • Address: Mahadevsthan Marg, Koteshwor-32, Kathmandu Nepal.
  • Phone: 01-4600399
  • Email Address: info@opportunityvillagenepal.org
  • P.O.Box: 20514


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