Post Earthquake 2015 Emergency response through Health Sector Recovery and Reconstruction Support – rehabilitation of health centers and capacity building in Gorkha district

Status: Complete

In April 2015, the earthquake in Nepal killed over 9,000 people and injured more than 23,000.  It was reported to be the worst natural disaster to strike since the 1934 Nepal earthquake.  

The response of OVN to the earthquake was immediate. OVN provided first aid and searched damages building survivors and it responded to the immediate humanitarian needs. OVN quickly activated its emergency operations center through administration of relief work, organizing medical camps and mobile health clinics, distribution of relief materials that included food and other materials that addressed the basic humanitarian needs.


Under this project, the following activities have been carried out :

  1. Distribution of Relief Materials
  2. Seed Funding for Livelihood
  3. Training for Female Health Mobilizers
  4. Training on Climate Change and Disaster preparedness
  5. Completion of Health Posts Construction in Taklung of Sahid Lakhan Gaupalika and Tanglichowk of Gandaki Gaupalika



Here are some of the activites done in this project.

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